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Why Eyewoot?

As per a recent health survey, 1/3rd of Indian population needs glasses but do not have access to them, making us the blind Hub of the world with over 15 million blind people.

Eyewoot understands the need of both its offline and online customers and has devised a seamless online shopping experience. Eyewoot aims for a user-friendly shopping interface that will keep the customers coming back. Eyewoot provides a unified customer experience with the help of an omni channel model.

The customer experience isn’t limited to our ecommerce storefront, but it encompasses a unique omnichannel prototype. It encompasses every touchpoint across the customer journey, from the shopping experience to checkout and on through communications about shipping and delivery.

Along with providing high quality eyewear with 100% precision and top-quality control, Eyewoot aims for a customer-oriented approach that benefits, assists and understands the needs of its customers.

Eyewoot offers the best quality of products at affordable prices. We are committed to consumer satisfaction by providing solutions to our customers with the use of innovative technology.


Founded by an ecommerce enthusiast and aspiring entrepreneur holding experience, expertise and knowledge for over more than 7 years in the field of Optical and Eyewear Industry.

With an ambition to create a strong, renowned and distinguished brand in the eyewear industry, our founder, Talha Junani , has founded Eyewoot keeping in mind the current needs of the Indian society.

It is only because of his relentless passion for the optical industry and love for technology, has made it possible to come up with such an exclusive and exceptional brand – Eyewoot.

Eyewoot, as we like to describe, is one of India’s emerging customer centric eyewear company.

Eyewoot has a unique customer centric strategy that prioritize customer experience with extensive services and product assortments.

We are here to create an exclusive experience with our omni channel feel through our ecommerce store, which is a uniquely designed physical store with the aim of revolutionizing and transforming the customer experience in the field of eyewear industry in India.


Our goal is to make difference in customer’s life by providing extensive service in the eyewear industry. We believe that every human should have access to quality eyewear.

Our goal is just to touch the summit of your satisfaction with our team of experts, like experienced opticians and professional executives, to check the optical value of all our products and taking care of your faith on us.

To serve you the best, before delivery we scan all the products several times with our steadfast dedication. And we expect only lots of love and faith in returns.

We also sincerely maintain the delivery schedule without any delay so that all your shopping experiences will become a pleasure trip with us.